Just Noise Lite

This app offers adjustable white noise with 30 minutes for free. If you wan't longer, it's .99 cents for unlimited,. This offers a few more white noise choices, and the ability to preset your favorite settings.
Just Noise LiteJust Noise Lite
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Just Noise Simply Free White Sound Machine for Focus and Relaxation

Just Noise Lite is a white noise maker to help you relax, focus or fall asleep. It's premium relaxation noise for the sophisticated relaxer.

Why Just Noise? Just Noise is simple and easy to use. No clutter, nothing you don't need. It's Just Noise.

White noise has been shown to help people relax, focus, block out distractions, fall asleep or get better quality rest.

Use Just Noise to

▷ Fall asleep quicker

▷ Eliminate distractions

▷ Drown out annoying sounds in busy cities

▷ Focus on studying, reading, work

▷ Quiet your mind for relaxation, yoga, running, etc.

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