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Resources For People With Tinnitus

By Dr. Mandi Solat, Au.D.


Tinnitus Apps by Dr. Mandi Solat

Over 30+ tinnitus apps in one place, and information.

This website compiles all of the best apps to help those dealing with tinnitus. View the full list of tinnitus apps here.


American Tinnitus Association

The core purpose of the American Tinnitus Association is to promote relief, prevent, and find cures for tinnitus, evidenced by its core values of compassion, credibility, and responsibility. Highly recommended. The ATA has an extraordinary amount of excellent information on Tinnitus.

British Tinnitus Association

Their vision: We want "A world where no one suffers from tinnitus."

ENT health and other ear conditions

Hearing Health Foundation: Tinnitus is under 'other conditions'

‍Other helpful websites

Action on Hearing Loss

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders: Tinnitus

Medline Plus

Sounds of Tinnitus by the ATA

‍Studies on Tinnitus

Effect of yoga training on the tinnitus induced distress

‍Books on Tinnitus

Rewiring Tinnitus by Glenn Schweitzer

‍Podcasts on Tinnitus

American Tinnitus Association Podcast

Sample Sounds of Tinnitus (new headline)

Click the link below, and scroll down to find the sound that best matches your tinnitus. Then, you can share this with your family and friends to let them understand what noises you hear in your head.


The following are hearing aid companies with tinnitus sound apps or tinnitus information:

Oticon tinnitus



‍Starkey Relax

‍Widex Zen

Tinnitus Management programs below:

‍Dr. Jennifer Gans

Mindfulness-Based Tinnitus Stress Reduction program by Dr. Jennifer Gans. It is costly. I would ask for a COVID-19 discount. She was offering assistance during the pandemic.

‍Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM)

How to manage your tinnitus:

step-by-step workbook provided free by the VA to the American Tinnitus Association.


Dr. Bruce Hubbard: CBT for Tinnitus

Home — CBT for Tinnitus

Dr. Hashir Aazh : /Free iCBT for Tinnitus Modules

iCBT for Tinnitus | Hashir Tinnitus Clinic

Tinnitus self-management from the app: Oto

National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR)

Access by clicking here

Tinnitus Solution by Levo Medical

The Levo System is an interactive and easy-to-use tool that empowers you to take charge of your tinnitus. Levo is an FDA-cleared patented technology and sound therapy system designed by a team of neuroscientists, clinicians, business professionals, and patients to help people suffering with tinnitus.

Audiology Services & Hearing Aid Center of Lakewood, CO is a provider of Levo Systems

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