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Chill Lite Dr. Solat's Favorite

The Chill Lite App let's you sleep, relax, and focus to soothing white noise sounds by Dave Cheng. The sound quality, and sound choices are good. There is a sleep timer. Easy to navigate.

More about this tinnitus solution

Sleep and focus when you need to, relax when you want to.

Chill helps you do just that by blocking out background noises and replacing them with soothing sounds like:

- Airplane

- Beach

- City (traffic and chattering)

- Crickets

- Fan (3 different sounds)

- Fire

- Pier

- Rainforest

- Rain(Light and Heavy)

- River

- Shower

- Thunderstorm

- White Noise

- Wind Chimes

Other features:

- Shutoff Timer - Stop playback after a certain amount of time

- AirPlay - Play sounds wirelessly to any AirPlay capable device

Chill is ad-supported. You can remove the ads with a In-App Purchase.

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