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Rain, Rain Sleep Sounds App Dr. Solat's Favorite

The Rain Rain Sleep Sounds app offer lots and lots of nature sounds, thunder, rain, fire, etc. It's very easy to navigate and allows you to save your favorites for future use.

More about this tinnitus solution

Trouble sleeping? Rain Rain® Sleep Sounds helps you fall asleep fast! Let dozens of high-quality endless sounds lull you to sleep in no time. Heavy rain, light rain, rain on a tin roof - not to mention a huge variety of non-rain sounds, too, like ocean waves, crackling fireplace, cat purring, Shih Tzu Snoring, washing machine, clothes dryer... even a ticking clock! Includes any sound for sleeping that you can think of, and some that you can't. Millions of people have found the sleep they have been looking for with Rain Rain and you can too.

• Highest quality sounds available

• Combine sounds to create elaborate mixes

• Easily save your favorite sounds & mixes

• Play all night, or use the Fade-out Timer to turn off the sounds after a duration of your choosing

• Set the Bedtime Reminder for gentle encouragement when it's time to wind down for bed.

Rain Rain includes 35 totally free sounds, and 60+ additional Premium Sounds, available with a subscription to Rain Rain Premium. The Mixer, Favorites, Sleep Timer, Bedtime Reminder, and any sound without the "Premium" icon are all available forever without a subscription. You can also preview any Premium Sound without subscribing. Plus, Rain Rain Premium has a one-week free trial once you subscribe.Install Rain Rain today and sleep better tonight!

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