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The Ultimate Background Noise App Small selection of free sounds, but very nice. Ability to increase bass/mid/treble. Easy to navigate.

More about this tinnitus solution

[From the app developer]

‣ "Turns the creation of ambient noise into an art form." - Apple, App of the Day

‣ "A better way to block distracting conversations when you work in an open-plan office or cubicle." - Wall Street Journal

‣ "Of all the ambient noise apps I’ve tried, myNoise® is the best. It never repeats, it has top-notch sounds, and it is just plain fun to use." - Cult Of Mac.

‣ "We've covered many online noise generators in the past, but myNoise® is different: it calibrates background noise based on your hearing range and listening devices." - Lifehacker.

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