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Noise Machine - White Noise

Fall asleep easily, focus, or relax with Noise Machine – a calming white noise generator.

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Fall asleep easily, focus, or relax with Noise Machine – a calming white noise generator. White, pink, and brown noises bring peace and relaxation to the mind by blocking out distracting sounds.

The app is beautifully designed to look great on your home screen and is a joy to use each night in both light and dark mode.

Are you often distracted by irritating sounds when trying to sleep like city noise, the fan ticking, the neighbor’s music, or a partner snoring? Put on your favorite noise using this app and you will soon find that distractions are no longer bothering you. You will also notice that this noise has a calming effect that helps you relax and drift off to sleep naturally. Once you have connected with the relaxing effect of this noise, it may profoundly change the way you sleep.

These noises are also very effective to focus the mind on work or thought in distracting environments like an office or cafe. By raising the base volume of the environment around you, distracting noise is drowned out..leaving you a virtual silence. The calming effect of the noise focuses the mind on the task at hand to facilitate clarity and productivity.

Noise Machine feature three “colors” of noise - each with different properties:

• White Noise is pure and flat with an equal balance of low, medium, and high frequency sound. White noise may sound like a waterfall cascading down a rocky cliff.

• Pink Noise has a more balanced texture that highlights the middle frequencies evenly like a calming rain storm.

• Brown Noise has a rich, deeper character with strong low frequencies and roars like a river or an ocean.

The noises from this app work great when played directly from your iPhone or iPad speaker and can also connect to headphones, a bluetooth speaker, HomePod, or other audio device for a louder and deeper bath of calming noise.

Noise Machine features a sleep timer to automatically turn off noise after a set time. Some people like to fall asleep by relaxing with noise, but find that they prefer the noise to fade out during sleep. Set a sleep timer to your desired time and the noise will fade out very slowly.

You can also control Noise Machine directly from your lock screen or control center.

People use Noise Machine to:

• fall asleep faster

• block distracting sounds

• increase focus

• relax and reduce stress

• increase privacy

• quiet your mind

• alleviate tinnitus

• calm children and babies

• drown out a snoring partner

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