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White Noise HQ

Sounds and mixes. Not an overwhelming amount.

More about this tinnitus solution

“There are a lot of white noise apps available in the App Store, but this one is by far the most robust. “

Sleep, relax, block noise, and increase focus with over 75 authentic live-recorded white noise sounds from around the world.

White Noise HQ provides a beautiful library of high-resolution stereo recordings, individually selected for their noise-blocking qualities.

Transform your bedroom, baby’s room, hotel room, or office with:

•Steady rain showers

•Flowing waterfalls and streams

•Rhythmic ocean surf

•Evening crickets

•Blowing wind

•Fans and household appliances

•Humming factories

•Highways and trains

•White, pink and brown noise

You can also blend up to 6 sounds to create your perfect background mix.

White Noise HQ features:

• Over 75 natural sounds recorded on location around the world

• Long high-quality stereo recordings

• Easy-to-create blended mixes of any 6 sounds

• Beautiful high-definition images from around the globe

• Modern easy-to-use interface, tailored for nighttime use

• Runs in background while using other apps or when the screen is locked

• Sleep timer with slow audio fade-out, settable with a simple tap

• Mixes with other sound apps such as Music or Audiobooks

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